Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines

For proper Search Engine Optimization, you absolutely must target appropriate key word phrases for your industry, location, product and services or your traffic will suffer.

Unfortunately, many potential Internet Marketing opportunities are lost at the first step. Pick the wrong term and you've missed your opportunity. Search engine keyword analysis is the process of identifying the proper term to market.

Our Internet marketing professionals then take this research one step further. We identify any other terms that add breadth to your marketing. We sort it out for you and set a course of action.

Keyword Analysis

To make sure we're basing the optimization off of relevant phrases, we first conduct a keyword analysis to identify the optimal key phrases for which your target market is searching.

Once optimal key phrases are chosen, we optimize your pages to rank high on the best key phrases. We generally optimize sites for Google, Yahoo, and MSN, but submit your site to all the major search engines and directories. This gives you the best chance for success.

SER Reviews

You must keep moving forward to maintain your priority positions in major search engines. Website Solutions can conduct reviews of your traffic and reposition you when necessary to keep traffic levels up.

“I'm seeing new patients all the time and they almost always say they found me from my website.”

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