Website Reporting & Analytics

Website reporting and analytics provide both snap-shot and detailed web statistics data. Web statistics can be sorted in various ways to give you the total picture of your web site activity.

You need to know how your website is performing in order to evaluate your real visitor scenario reports. We call upon top-quality traffic reporting software and strategic scenario reports to tell us what marketing efforts pay off and which don't.

We will provide you with access to your traffic and placement data and speak with you about the reports to ensure you understand the information. Then we will follow up regularly with evaluation and advice of your data.

Website traffic reporting and search engine placement evaluation provide the big picture to every website's success.

Reporting vs. Analytics

Most firms use reporting and analytics terms interchangeably but we prefer to treat them separately.

“I'm floored at how many customers tell me they found my business on Google.”

Stephano - Northcoast Flooring