Website 101

You can safely say that the internet has made a statement by showing that websites are the number one way to communicate, market and provide information. Companies all over the world are quickly realizing that websites can be seen from anywhere with internet accesses and are much cheaper then other marketing options. But how does one go about making a website if they are new to the field? Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with an internet project:


First things first, you have to have an internet connection. The internet is a powerful tool that can allow you to communicate via email, upload or download files and of course spend hours browsing through sites for information and enjoyment. There are several different types of internet connections

  • 56k modem ( the slowest )
  • ISDN
  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Wireless

If you are not currently connected, there is much you are missing.


You can consider a domain name as an identity to your site. This is the address that allows your site to have a location on the web as well as host email addresses. Don't have one? Again, don't worry. Finding a domain name is as simple as finding words relevant to your company or field, and seeing if they are already taken. If by chance it is already taken, consider the option of not ending with a .com, and try

  • .net
  • .org
  • .cc
  • .tv
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .us

Collecting Content

Communication is everything. Creating a website between the client and the actual firm building the site is a back and forth process. What many clients don't realize is that designing a site is only half the battle. The client needs to gather:

  • information
  • text/copy
  • pictures/graphics

relevant to their company in order for the website to be made. Don't be discouraged about this process, even a brochure or other marketing materials can provide an ample amount of information.


One thing many people are not familiar with is how much it will cost to make a website. This all depends on it's size, functionality and features. An average small website will cost between $1500- $3500 where as larger, more advanced sites, could be significantly more. This is a reasonable expenditure to have a good site that is done right and can be accessed 24x7 all over the world ( especially when compared to other advertising materials ).

Hiring a Firm

If you want the job done right, don't do it yourself. Many times people want to take designing a site into their owns hands and it ends up being a waste of time and money. Consult a professional web design firm with experienced web designers, programmers and marketing specialists. Many times the firm will show you what your site might look like, then a back and fourth process of assembling it with content. Web design firms can also provide other perks such as:

  • search engine optimization ( which is another discussion but is the number one way to browse the internet ).
  • hosting; if they have their own hosting, it can make it much easier to do live updates and not have a third party affecting the performance.

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