WordPress Accounted for 90% of all Hacked CMS sites in 2018

As the use of WordPress websites are increasing with each passing day, dangers looming around them have also increased. Yes, it’s 100% true. Professional hackers and cybercriminals make numerous endeavors to hack WordPress websites and destroy the web-based business being generated through that. Once your website is hacked, you suffer a great loss in terms of business, leads and sales, revenues, the SEO ranking of your website and lost trust of customers

Making all types of websites using WordPress is a worldwide phenomenon. Despite the fact that WordPress as a platform is in its core just a blogging system with limited functionality.

Having a WordPress website never means to have “just a WordPress website”. You need a bunch of extensions such as widgets and plugins; otherwise you won’t be able to use it fully.

This brings both the financial burden, but also the risk of infecting your website with unwanted viruses. And of course, plugin developers can stop providing support at any moment — especially if they are developed by a 3rd party developer.

 Endless updating and risk of incompatibility

Developers and users of WordPress encounter another annoyance — the never ending updating. Updates of the WordPress itself, updates of the WP themes (if your website is customized via a template), updates of built-in plugins, 3rd party plugins etc.

What’s the solution?

You avoid WordPress completely :) Choose a custom website developer that understands your needs, can create exactly what you need to preform optimally and best of all are LOCAL.

  • Issues with Plugins
  • Endless Updates
  • Update Errors
  • Security Problems
  • Easily Hacked
  • Inconsistent Backend
  • Slow Loading
  • No Backup
  • Broken Links
  • No Support
  • Etc...

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My website was a mess with broken links and outdated plugins, thank you guys for taking care of all the problems so quickly. Liz D.